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ASCIIMathML is an easy way of writing mathematics to go on the web. The syntax is simple and intuitive (similar to LaTeX, but much easier). It was developed by Peter Jipsen at Chapman University, and he has put many useful applications on his ASCIIMathML Home Page.

The purpose of my COLMSCT fellowship is to investigate the potential of ASCIIMathML for submitting mathematics assignments online in the Open University. Here are links to some of the supporting materials and tools I've developed for this project:

ASCIIMathML Tutorial and Symbol List:
A short tutorial to introduce my students to ASCIIMathML. It explains how to use all the symbols contained in the ASCIIMathML symbol list. The symbol list is derived from the symbol list on the ASCIIMathML Home Page where there are instructions on how to extend the symbol list.
Editor with print window:
I've adapted Peter Jipsen's ASCIIMathML Editor so that it can generate a separate printing window containing just the text displayed from the editor. If you know some html you can add headings, formatting etc. to the generated file. Printing was not the main goal here (although the printed output especially from Firefox and Mozilla is quite good): the generated file can be saved or submitted by the student.
Download Editor with print window and saving:
For maximum flexibility the student may want to save their work and then load it back into the editor to work on it later. This however can't be done automatically by a webpage on the internet. (Web browsers won't take data from files saved on your hard drive and give them to an external webpage - good thing too!) However you can do this from a webpage that you've stored locally on your machine. So if you wish to re-edit your ASCIIMath files right click on the link above and select "Save link as...". Once you've unzipped the file open the file "EditorPrintSave.htm" in your web-browser then follow the on-screen instructions to load "SavedExample.htm".
Note: ASCIIMathML generates a mathematics in MathML (a mathematics extension to html). To display the mathematics correctly, this page requires Internet Explorer 6 with MathPlayer installed, or Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape 7+ with MathML fonts installed (e.g. download the MIT MathML font packages). If you have these installed you should see a familiar formula here:
`x=(-b +- sqrt(b^2 - 4ac))/(2a)`